Finance Update

Finance Update

Home & Investment Interest Rates
Financial Institutions have changed Interest rates depending on the specific loan you have. Rates are different if a Home Loan or Investment and whether Principal and Interest or Interest Only. There has been a lot of pressure from Government bodies passed onto the lenders to ensure that your home loan is not on Interest only. Also some lenders are not lending for Investment properties as they have to meet a Government cap of 10% or have a lower lending ratio. Whilst others have no issues. Why not contact us to review your rates.
Motor Vehicle Rates

You will find that if you already have your finance Pre-Approved you will receive a discount on the vehicle. Don’t get caught out with the car yards quoting 0%, 1% or 2% finance, what they lose on the rate is already factored into the sale price. We can assist.

Reserve Bank

As predicted the RBA left rates earlier in the month, but as we have noticed in the media, a couple of Banks have started to lift their rates. Home Loans slightly but Investment around 0.3%.

Small Business Tax Deduction

If you are thinking of buying a business asset, don’t forget about the $20,000 immediate tax deduction.  If you purchase an asset with a cost of up to $20,000 (including Solar) you will get the deduction in this 2017 financial year and that includes financed purchases.  To see if this deduction is available to you, we suggest you talk to your Accountant and then talk to us about finance options!

Tax Debt
Most of your traditional lenders do not like Tax Debt and soon as you mention it to them, become nervous. But it seems to be more and more people are paying off the tax office now than previously. We have a few options available and more than happy to discuss a solution with you. Have to have property to be able to assist.

All Types of Finance Available

Here at KT Financial Services we can look at all types of finance, so if you are looking for a New Home, Investment, buying property in your SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund), Business purchase, buying a Commercial building, purchasing a New Motor Vehicle or Equipment, etc we may be able to assist. Conditions apply.
Let us at KT Financial Services assist you in any of your finance inquiries.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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