Just a Warning
This happened to me recently over a 2 day period. I have been rung from a Bank supposedly saying that there is a problem with my account. Both times there was a slight delay before a person started talking, which I was immediately suspicious of. They went on to ask me some security questions, ie what was my Address and Date of Birth. I said I am not going to tell you as I don’t know who you are. They said we will send you a Text message with a number to call to confirm. I deleted the text which came through a couple of hours later.

Hmmm. So I rang Branch of the Bank and they couldn’t see anything wrong with my Accounts. When it happened to me again the next day, I thought I would ring the Banks main call centre, just in case branch had missed something, and again no issues. They did say that if it was a caller from the Bank there would be no delay but always give out their 13 number which you can then check before you call.

So I just thought I would pass my experience onto you as a timely warning, that they will try anything. If this happens to you for your Bank, just be very careful.

All the best.

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